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3,000 Pre-Tagged Christms Trees
We pre-tag 3,000 trees in September every year for your convenience. You can bring the family out in the fall to pick out the perfect tree while the weather is nice. Then, come back in the winter to pick up the tree and enjoy some Christmas spirit without having to trek the field in the cold.

Pre-Picking Procedure
Come pick out your Christmas tree while the weather is nice and let us know when you'd like to pick it up. You can tell us when you'll be back when you pre-pick the tree or you can call ahead a few days and let us know that you're coming. We'll save your tag and cut your tree fresh when you decide to pick it up.

Pre-Pick Your Tree = Free Pumpkin
If you pre-pick your tree before Halloween we'll give you $3.00 off your purchase of gourds or pumpkins. The Halloween slash Holiday Shop is open starting September 23rd.

Your Tree Today


Pick It Up
When It's Cold

"It's Great! You can come pre-pick the tree while the weather is nice and pick it up when it's cold." - Gary Trump

Cleaning and Loading the Tree
We thoroughly shake and clean all of our trees before we send them home with our guests. The last thing we want is for you to go home with a dirty tree. We'll even bail and load the tree onto your vehicle for you. We want your experience here to be as pleasant and hassle free as possible!

Same Day Pick Up
We encourage our customers to come pre-pick their tree but that doesn't mean you have to. You're still welcome to come out anytime during the season, pick out a tree from our 3,000 pre-tagged Christmas trees and wait for us to cut your tree fresh.

Remember to Water!
Your tree will drink a few gallons of water right away when you take it home. After the trees initial thirst is quenched you'll need to check it every few days. If you do let the pan dry out, the trees base will seal over. Then, you'll need to either drill holes in the base of the tree (bellow the water level) or take the tree down and give it a fresh cut.

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