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Caring For Your Tree
We thought you might need some help getting started. You won't have any problems if you follow our simple setup instructions and remember to water your tree.

First off . . . live trees are NOT fire hazards! Like any live plant your tree is going to need water once you get it in your home.

A Fresh Cut
Your tree may need a fresh cut depending on how long it takes you to put it up. It's always a good idea to give your tree a fresh cut but if you take the tree straight home and put it up or place it in a bucket of water your tree will be fine. BUT if you leave the tree out over night you'll probably need to cut a half inch or so off the bottom of the tree before putting it up. Note: Your tree should drink a lot of water right away when you put it up. If it doesn't, it means that the trunk has sealed over. You'll need to take the tree down and cut a half inch or more off the bottom.

Setting Up Your Tree
When you get home, just take your bailed tree inside; loosen the bottom twine; attach your stand; fill the stand with water; cut the rest of the rope off the tree; decorate and enjoy. It may take an hour or so for your tree to settle once you’ve removed the twine.

Remember to Water!
Your tree will drink a few gallons of water right away when you take it home. After the trees initial thirst is quenched you'll need to check it every few days. If you do let the pan go dry, the trees base will seal over. If this happens you'll need to either drill holes in the base of the tree (bellow the water level) or take the tree down and give it a fresh cut.

Green Dye? A Bad Idea!
Only put green dye in your Christmas tree stand if you want green stains in your carpet. Christmas trees aren't pieces of celery, so the green dye isn't going to do much good.

Other Questions?
Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about the care of your Christmas Tree. If we're not home, leave your number and we'll call you back, because we want you to have a Merry Christmas!

Gary and Cherri Trump
(402) 645-3010

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